Gap-filling ramp deployed at Clark/Lake for wheelchair user

Accessible transit

Our mission is to deliver quality, affordable transit services that link people, jobs and communities—and providing transit that's accessible to everyone is an important part of our commitment to do so.


We employ a range of features and services to provide transit that's accessible to people with disabilities. In short:

  • 100% our vehicles (both buses and railcars) are accessible.
  • 102 of our 145 rail stations are accessible.

Though more than two thirds of our system is now accessible and key station upgrade requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act have long been met, multiple projects are under way make more of our stations fully accessible. We're also developing a roadmap to bringing our system to 100% accessibility! Read about our All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP).


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Looking for information about ADA Paratransit services?

Paratransit, as required by the Americans with Disabilities act in the CTA service area, is provided throughout the six-county RTA region by Pace, our suburban bus peer agency. Paratransit service is provided for riders whose disability or health condition prevents them from using CTA and/or Pace fixed route services for some or all of their travel. Only persons who are certified by the Regional Transportation Authority are eligible to ride ADA Paratransit.

Forward arrow Learn more about ADA Paratransit services from Pace
Forward arrow Info on Paratransit certification from the RTA


Need directions?

Use the trip planner below. If you need a wheelchair-accessible or a trip that doesn't require you to use stairs, you can check the box for "I need an accessible or step-free trip" below and pick "RTA Trip Planner" for directions.

Quick trip planner
Quick trip planner
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