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Between 79th/Western and 79th/Lakefront
All times weekdays, All times Saturday, All times Sunday
Ford City Mall east to 79th/Lakefront
5:15a-2:00a weekdays, 6:20a-12:45a Saturday, 6:20a-12:45a Sunday
79th/Lakefront west to Ford City Mall
4:15a-1:00a weekdays, 5:05a-12:00m Saturday, 5:10a-12:00m Sunday
Extended service daily for Solo Cup Factory shift changes.

(Precise hours of service may vary depending on where along the route you are.)

Service alerts

Current alerts 1
Temporary Reroute
Planned Reroute

Eastbound #79 buses will operate via 79th, Exchange, 83rd, and South Shore, then resume their normal route on 79th.

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