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Pre-construction work begins March 2018

CTA in 2018 will be performing a great deal of work that must be done before major construction begins on RPM Phase One, including some property demolition and relocation of utilities.

Beginning in March, pre-construction work associated with the Red-Purple Bypass (RPB) will commence with the demolition of 10 buildings along Wilton Avenue and then Clark Street, followed by the start of utility relocation work beginning later in the month. Demolition of the remaining four buildings is expected to be complete by this fall.

In preparation for this work to begin, CTA has been conducting extensive outreach and working closely with neighbors, members of the surrounding community and local elected officials to advise of upcoming work and what to expect.

Additional details and maps outlining pre-construction work are available for download:

  • RPB Pre-construction property demolition (.pdf)
  • RPB Pre-construction utility relocation work (.pdf)


Selection of qualified contracting teams

In December 2017, the CTA selected three qualified contracting teams to develop proposals to design and build the RPM Phase One Project, which will significantly modernize, improve accessibility, and increase rail service in Chicago for decades to come.

Those teams are:

Chicago Rail Constructors

  • F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates LLC – Design-Builder, Joint Venture Member
  • Dragados USA, Inc. – Design-Builder Joint Venture Member
  • Milhouse Engineering & Construction, Inc. – Design-Builder, Joint Venture Member
  • Dragados S.A. – Guarantor for Dragados USA
  • Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. – Designer

Kiewit Infrastructure Company

  • Kiewit Infrastructure Co. – Design-Builder
  • Kiewit Infrastructure Co. – Guarantor
  • HDR Engineering, Inc. –  Designer

Walsh Fluor Design-Build Team

  • Walsh Construction Company II, LLC – Design-Builder, Joint Venture Member
  • Fluor Enterprises, Inc. – Design-Builder, Joint Venture Member
  • Walsh Construction Group, LLC – Guarantor for Walsh Construction Company II, LLC
  • Fluor Corporation – Guarantor for Fluor Enterprises, Inc.
  • Stantec Consulting Services Inc. – Designer
  • EXP U.S. Services Inc. –  Designer


CTA has issued draft documents to the selected shortlisted proposers. Proposals will be due in late 2018. CTA will evaluate the proposals based on the best value to CTA comparing the technical criteria to the price proposed.

Throughout 2018, CTA will continue to work closely with the local communities, including residents, business owners and elected officials, to provide regular project updates and will work to minimize impacts to service and neighboring communities. CTA expects major construction of this project to begin in 2019.


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